Awareness raising activities

Public consultation – Negreşti-Oaş Forest District, 04.03.2016

On 4 March 2016, a public consultation on the “Certification of Forest Management” was held with the representatives of local communities, public institutions and other stakeholders at the headquarters of Negreşti-Oaş Forest District. On this occasion, the following issues were presented:
• brief presentation of the FSC standard;
• advantages and disadvantages of certification;
• principles of the FSC standard;
• presentation of the activity report for 2015;
• information on the High Conservation Value Forests (HCVF) identified across the forest district;
• new proposals for the reinclusion of trees identified as HCVF after the forest restoration works carried out in 2015;
• presentation of Annex 7 to the Manual of Procedures “Forest Exploitation Rules”;
• different issues on the elements of biodiversity identified in the territorial jurisdiction of the forest district.

Information session, 09.03.2016

Continuing the information sessions on protected natural areas, the Faculty of Environmental Science, Babeş-Bolyai University hosted the second information session in Cluj-Napoca and about 50 participants, mostly students, responded affirmatively to the invitation. Lecturer Sabin Bădărău, PhD, territorial analyst, gave an interactive presentation on the importance of biodiversity in the two Natura 2000 sites, Pricop – Huta Certeze and Upper Tisa. The technicians working in the Project Promoter team, students in their turn, shared their experience resulted from the active participation in implementing the project activities.

Information session, 27.02.2016

On Friday 27 February 2016, the Faculty of Geography, Babeş-Bolyai University hosted the first information session on protected natural areas, an event dedicated to the students of this faculty. In this respect, Mr Ciprian Corpade, territorial analyst in the Project Promoter team, gave a presentation on the Conservation, protection and economic development in protected natural areas, insisting on the motivation for establishing protected natural areas and on how these sites can be actively managed. Attention was focused primarily on natural parks and Natura 2000 sites. This event represents the first step from a series of actions meant to ensure information and public awareness (local communities, authorities, academics, cultural institutions, NGOs, mass media) on the importance of ensuring a balance between the conservation of some species and habitats and the economic development of an area included in a Natura 2000 site.

Workshop, 08.03.2016

On Tuesday 18 March 2016, the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Faculty of Sciences, North University Centre of Baia Mare hosted the workshop on Biodiversity Conservation organized as a dissemination activity of the project RO02-0013 – Integrated Study on the Contribution of Ecosystems in the protected Natura 2000 areas: Pricop-Huta-Certeze and the Upper Tisa to the Sustainable Development of Local Communities (SIENPHCTS). The workshop was attended by undergraduates in Biology, Environmental Science, Chemistry, Engineering of Food Products, Control and Expertise of Food Products and by Master’s students in Applied Biochemistry and Environmental Science.

Lecturer Stela-Gabriela Jelea, PhD and Associate Professor Marian Jelea, PhD, territorial analysts in the project, presented the Pricop-Huta Certeze protected area (types of habitats listed in the standard data sheet, species of mammals and amphibians), the main water bodies identified in the field and the methods to be applied for recording and monitoring the amphibian species.

Participants asked questions about the endemic plant species in the site, showed interest in the methods for monitoring the amphibian species and requested the organization of some joint actions in order to participate effectively in the field research activities, but also in the activities that are to be organized for the dissemination of the project results.