Activity 3. Assessment of typologies and the conservative measures for biodiversity and the analyzed ecosystems

Field research, 05-06.2016

 The national partner’s team conducted a series of research field trips in the spring and summer months, focused on data collection for the representative flora and fauna elements in the Natura 2000 Pricop-Huta-Certeze and Upper Tisa sites. Among the bird species encountered, Alexandru Lapoși, member of the national partner’s team, Heidenroslein Association, identified mallard, coot, grey and purple heron, white wagtail, mountain plover.


Field research, 14-18.11.2016

 Between the 14th and the 18th of November 2016, during a week devoted to dissemination, information and awareness raising activities on the importance of Natura 2000 sites and the benefits they could bring to the local communities, a part of the SIENPHCTS Project Promoter team, together with the Norwegian partners from NINA, conducted several research field trips. Some of the activities conducted were the collection of demographic data from the local administration offices, measurements and water quality sampling, identification of tourism resources, update of the database on local crafts, and collection of information on ichthyofauna. Mr Duncan Halley, expert in beaver management and project manager of the international partner, signalled the presence of beaver traces along the Tisa River, near the village of Teceu Mic.

During the same week, several sequences were shot that will be included in the documentary film dedicated to the two Natura 2000 sites.