Babeş-Bolyai University, Faculty of GeographysiglaGeogafie_gif
Department of Physical and Technical Geography

Address: 5-7 Clinicilor Street, Cluj-Napoca, RO-400006, Romania
Tel.: 0040 264 592-214, Fax: 0040 264 597-988
Contact person: Lecturer Răzvan-Horaţiu Bătinaș, Ph.D. – Project manager

 Heindenroslein Association Heidenroslein

Address: 12A/95 Unirii Street, Baia Mare, RO-430272, Romania
Tel.: 0040 262 224-166
Contact person: Maria-Magdalena Payer – project manager

Norwegian Institute for Nature Research

Address: P.O. Box 5685 Sluppen, Trondheim, NO-7485, Norway
Tel.: 0047 73 801-400
Contact person: Duncan John Halley – project manager